Meteo alarm - Forecast Weather warnings for date:  04.07.2020.

 * Updated: 09:48 04.07.2020 valid thru: 04.07.2020.

 Jugoistočna Srbija:
Local thunderstorms
IMPACT:The risk of thunder stroke, endangered lives of people and animals, operation problems for all electrical devices, the risk of fire initiation, telecommunication problems. Possible problems in the transport of electricity. Possible occurrence of local intensive showers, torrents and strong gust. These phenomena could cause damage to the property and be dangerous to the security of people and animals.
Heavy Rain/showers - at least 10 mm (l/m²) within a 3-hour period
IMPACT:Difficulties in urban areas (especially problem in capacity of rain sewerage system, sewer collectors), problems in transport, disabling the planned agricultural works. Possible violations of the people and damage of properties.

Green - It is not necessary to take special precaution measures.

Yellow - Weather may be hazardous (possibility). The predicted weather phenomena are not uncommon, but precautionary measures are needed if meteorological high risk activities are being undertaken. It is advisable to keep following the forecasts on expected meteorological conditions and not to take any unnecessary risk.

Orange - The weather is dangerous. Dangerous weather phenomena are predicted. It is very likely that such weather phenomena will cause material damage and be dangerous for people and animals. It is necessary to be very cautious, risk aware and regularly informed about the details of the expected meteorological conditions. Follow the advice given by the authorities.

Red - The weather is very dangerous. Hazardous weather phenomena are predicted. Great damages and accidents are possible. Such meteorological hazards can be very dangerous to the security of people and animals. We should keep ourselves informed about the details of expected meteorological conditions and risks. Follow the orders, instructions and advices given by the authorities.

Wind  Wind Snow/Ice  Snow/Ice Fog  Fog Extreme high temperature  Extreme high temperature
Rain  Rain Thunderstorms  Thunderstorms Forestfire  Forestfire Extreme low temperature  Extreme low temperature

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